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Humble Beginnings

Parts 4 Automotive P/L was formed in February 2001 by a group of independent automotive businesses in order to obtain collective trading advantages including negotiating supplier contracts and paying healthy rebates to the member stores.

These businesses were part of an automotive group and were fed up with being dictated to as regards stock holding, advertising etc.

The Parts 4 Automotive Pty Ltd group is committed to maintaining your stores independence whilst gaining all of the purchasing, advertising, and product range availability that is available to the other major buying groups.

More You Need to Know About Our Group

We were originally Victorian based but due to better supplier distribution we now have stores Australia wide.

Our member agreement is very simple and as we do not carry store accounts, we do not require you to sign away your stock or fittings (or your home, wife or kids). Check the “Store Finder” section for member store locations.

We hold two meetings a year, a general meeting usually held mid-year at the conference or social weekend and an AGM usually held in November.

There Had To Be A Better Way

The main idea was to give the independent stores more of a say in the running of their group. This has been achieved by having an executive committee voted in by the members to look at supplier proposals, advertising opportunities etc.

The rebates are collated then passed on to the members twice a year. The only requirement of the store is to purchase from the preferred suppliers where possible and pay within the good payment terms negotiated by the BDM and Executive. The fees are nominal and are deducted from the rebate cheques, so no direct outlay for the member. There is no fancy office with a large workforce so costs are kept to the minimum and are covered by the fees and an admin percentage paid by suppliers. We do not operate a warehouse, you buy what you require from whom you want to deal with and pay your own accounts.

This Really Works!!

Our members have the opportunity to earn excellent rebates by doing nothing more than operating their business as usual.

You are not required to change your business name and there is a generous signage package available to stores that will incorporate your own name and logo with a third of the sign given over to the Parts 4 Automotive P/L branding.

We have established good working relationships with our preferred suppliers over the years. Our members have a large choice of automotive parts and accessory suppliers to deal with so that their choices fit their particular business. All our member businesses are different and we have endeavoured to accommodate that and do not need to dictate the way you run your business.


By some member stores

We looked at joining parts groups for many years but could not justify the expenses. When introduced to Parts 4 Automotive by a rep we thought this sounded a bit too good “Where is the Catch”but after 10 years as a member we found there is no Catch the more you support the system the better your rebate cheque will be. The camaraderie at the bi-annual Conference/Trade Expo with special deals available,along with our bi-annual Social weekend away is something we look forward to, as well as ongoing better buying through Parts 4 deals daily. To remain as an independent with no pressure from above but enjoy the strength of over 50 stores is invaluable to us.

Terry & Trudi LeeTNT Auto Parts, Parts 4 Automotive Drouin VIC

Since we here at Mega Auto Parts (a family owned and run business) joined Parts 4 automotive group 8 years ago, our business has gone from strength to strength because of the great buying power we have under the Parts 4 banner. We also enjoy the benefits of the rebate scheme by being able to expand our stock base and our customer’s benefit also because of our range and ability to supply parts quickly and cost-effectively. It is our personal belief that all privately owned / independent auto parts stores would benefit from the group’s support and buying power just as we have.

Mick & DebbyMega Auto Parts, Parts 4 Automotive Williamstown VIC

Our company has been a Parts 4 member now for 15 years and being in Parts 4 has been an asset to our business.. It has enabled our business to grow and have access to many suppliers and purchasing power that we would not have as an independent store. Parts 4 gives now offers independent stores some such as mine some power over the Big Boys and Major groups. I personally believe that independent stores big or small have a future and to be part of a group that offers us rebates and can help our business grow we cannot lose.

Tony HickeyImage Auto Parts, Parts 4 Automotive Taylors Lakes VIC

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About us

Parts 4 Automotive Pty Ltd group was formed to bring together a group of independent automotive businesses throughout Victoria in order to obtain collective trading advantages by various means including negotiating supplier contracts and better freight deals for all of the members.

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Parts 4 Automotive Pty Ltd
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